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Dana and Butters
Katie with ALi(Brindle Female)
Jordyn and Khloe
Kie and Pierre
Hi Debra! I just wanted to give you an update on my wonderful "Callie". She will be 4 this March and is just the best companion that anyone could ask for. She is asleep on my legs as I type this. She is super spoiled. She had two Christmas stockings this year- one at my house and one at my parents house. I teased my parents that they were more sad for her to leave after the holidays were over than they were to see me go. :) I have attached a few pictures so you can see how cute she is. Feel free to use them on your website if you want. I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Tasha Adams
Callie and her extended family
facebook Dana sent you a message. Dana CosensJanuary 17, 2011 at 12:08am Re: picture Ya u sure can I love that pic with my two baby boys Butters and Raylan! I still take Butters with me everywhere lol he's the best dog I've ever had!

Shy n Stella
The Holloway Family
Raylon and Butters
Rascal when Carol got him
Rascal now.
Brenda and Rick Crabtree
And Ebony
Nicole and 
Khloe all grown up
Elaine And Dreamer
Dreamer got into trouble.
Scarlet and Boo ,both came from wbpoodle,shown with there owner Sharon
Massengill Family and Josey Wales (Big E and Lucy baby)
The Markhams and a LuLu and Dance baby
McCratic family and Titan
Carol & Izzy
    Lucy whe the Mayes
    Family got her for 
Christmas in 2012
          Lucy in 2014
          She is a Dolly and Big E baby
Gracie- Lu Lu and Dance girl
Charlie,Sheila and Abby(Dolly and Neimrod baby)
Karen and Layla
Lu Lu and Dance girl
Foxy and Big E girl all grown up
I know you have tons of people come in and out of your lives as breeders but I just wanted to give you an update on a baby we bought from you who we named Chief.
We bought a tiny black male out of the last litter neimrod had. His mom was Stinker. I remember you telling us over and over again that if we hadnt wanted this guy you would've kept him because he was your favorite and the last out of neimrods. Well I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that he is the light of our lives! He is Mr. Personality to say the least and one of the smartest little guys who NEVER meets a stranger. He loves learning new tricks and soon we are starting him in agility because he loves doing it on our little make shift course at the house, he is fast as lighting. I wanted to also let you know he topped out at 4.7lbs and is big man in a little body, and very very handsome! He will be turning 2 in September and we are so happy we choose him from you guys. He is a great pup! Anyways hope you are well! I have attached some pics of Chief for you as well.

All the best, 
Megan and Trevin Tolbert
This little Fellow(Chief) is a full brother to My Shearod,Below is a email I received about him.