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Below is a link to  toy puppy with a heartbeat that will help your baby get through there first nights at your home
You can put your email on the link below and be notified by email when this page updates and you will then know if I have new babies
Parents of these puppies can be seen at the link below

Gurty and Jacksons babys born 5-3-22
Brown Teacup Female,White on chest,weights 13.6 oz charting to be around 4 to 4.5 lbs 
Gurtys tiny toy, Brown Female, Tiny white spot on chest,weights 18 oz,charting 5.5 to 6lbs grown
These puppies may be smaller, there mothers have small litters and they are overweight due to getting to much milk
Shearod and Jackson's females born 5-5-22
Cream tiny toy Female, weights 16 oz,charting to be around 5 lbs
Brown with red phantom markings, she is going to be beautiful,Tiny Toy female,weights 19 oz,charting to be around 6 lbs, she should be big enough to breed to a smaller male 
All of my puppies can be AKC reg, but i charge $1000 more for registration
All of the babies have deposits, check back in a couple of months to see if i will be expecting any.
I am reserved for Nita
I am reserved for Lauren
Pictures updated 6/1/22
I am reserved for Johnny
I am reserved for Mallory